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Strength and Running assistance programs

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Firethorne Fitness is designed to help you improve in every aspect of fitness.


Whether you are trying to improve your performance in the gym, improve your health, or you just simply want to look better at the beach this program can help you do so.

No matter your level of experience, this comprehensive program can help you reach your goals. Depending on your goal and which track you pursue (performance/fitness) you will find a combination of strength, cardio, and tools to help you address your weaknesses.

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Program Overview

PerformanceThis track will include barbell strength work and high intensity conditioning to help your achieve your performance goals.

FitnessThis track is similar to the performance track in terms of daily targeted muscle groups. It is different however due to the lack of barbell and slightly reduced intensity. If your goals are to improve/maintain health and physique, this is the program for you.

F | 30: This track is stripped down to all the necessities. You need to get in and out of your workout and get on with your day and this program will help you do that. It is designed to give you a quick burn in just 30 minutes.

Each track includes...


Comprehensive training that includes multiple options to ensure you meet your goals.


5 Days of Training

ranging from 30-90 minutes depending on which program you follow.


Feedback from Coach

to ensure proper guidance and progression.


Supplemental Mobility work to ensure recovery and full range of motion.


Access to Video Demos

to make sure you have a good understanding of each exercise.


Scaling and Subsitution options to accommodate your gyms equipment.

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